As promised at the onset of my blog that you will also witness some of the easy-to-follow culinary options, here’s the first to start with.

Let me clarify that I am not a professional cook nor do I hold any such professional qualifications, and not a beginner (5 years back though) as well but still have lots to learn.

So why would you follow my recipes??

Because I have somehow tried to lessen the amount of work you would actually do by searching ample of recipes to select the very best and consider cooking as simple as it can be.

So writing this post, I was wondering from where to start with.

But as they say “Beginnings should always be sweet” so get ready, open your mouth and savour your taste buds with  the indispensable Indian sweet ” Rasgulla” or ” cottage cheese dumplings”


Cooking Time: Approximately 25 to 30 minutes


Milk: 1.5 liters (makes around 10-12 Rasgullas)

Vinegar: 2 to 3 tablespoons

Corn flour /all-purpose flour: 1 teaspoon

Sugar: 1 cup (or more as per preference)

Water: 4 cups

Rose water:  1/2 to 1 teaspoon


A. Place the milk to boil and as the first boil comes, add little by little vinegar into it. Do not stir and if you fear that the milk will come out of your vessel, just place it half on your gas. The moment you see cheese and water separates properly, it’s done.

B. Place a Muslin cloth on a sieve, drain out the water and wash the cheese properly under tap water to remove the sourness of the vinegar.

C. Squeeze the water out properly from the cheese by holding the ends of the cloth together or you may even hang it for a while. Remember, to let a little moisture be in there otherwise your dumplings will dry.


A. Now it’s time to knead your cheese as smoothly as you can. Better you do it on your clean working station. With the help of your palms knead it for about 4 to 5 minutes. Then, add corn flour /all-purpose flour (not more than a teaspoon) and knead again until all your cheese sticks together firmly and form a dough.

B. Now make balls, size depends on your choice but shouldn’t be too big as the balls will be double their sizes afterwards.

** If the ball is not rolling up properly, then knead it again for a while.

** If you feel cheese is dried up, just add few drops of water and knead.


A. Add sugar and water and let it boil for about 5 to 6 minutes.

B. In the boiling syrup, add the balls 2 to 3 at a time. Don’t add them at once. Gap should be few seconds not minutes 😉

C. Let them boil at high flame uncovered first for 2 – 3 minutes and then cover it with a lid for about 5 to 8 minutes. The lid should have an opening to let the steam pass or else just keep the vessel a bit uncovered.  Until now, do not stir.

C. Open the lid, turn the balls slowly with a spoon and again cover it and cook on low to medium flame for 4 to 5 minutes.

D. By now, they should be done. How to check?? Take a glass of water and put one ball, if it sinks, clap for yourself 😀👏and if it floats, cook it for a while again.

**Remember to take wide-mouthed and a deep vessel.


A. Let the balls sit there in the syrup until it cools down. Once the temperature drops, add rose water. You can add dry fruits also.

B. Garnish with saffron sticks and place in the refrigerator to cool it down.



These little fingers

Oh you my tiny happiness bringer

You give me joys and liveliness untold

Each day thus becoming memoirs to hold

The day you were born

I didn’t knew later on you will wear a horn

All day you run and hop like a bunny

Can you please really stop being so funny

I can’t even just sit relax and have my cup of tea

Oh why you are always hovering around me like a bee

You leave no stone unturned to create a mess

And now you have started to choose your own dress

Whole day you are just crazy for cars

There is not a single one now without a scar

Your plush husky is the most dearest to you

And washing it makes you go blue

Making you eat is one of the greatest dare

The agony and anguish of which I can’t even share

Whole day you are my storm in a teacup

Your infectious smile, even if I am tired, makes me go up

Since the day you were born, you are my alarm

I long for that sound sleep, my little charm

Your movement I tell you, is so swift

You don’t know but it’s your father’s gift

You were six months old when you started crawling

And mind you, since then when you sleep

I am sprawling

You have now started to babble

But let me tell you, you are no less than a rabble

When you run with those long locks

With features so, you will look a girl if you wear a frock

Day by day, we all are getting older

One day you will be taller than my shoulder

That day I will see my whole house, everything will be in place

Then I will realize, it was better in the previous phase

Today you follow me like my own shadow

Then, I will long for this very beautiful meadow

And these little fingers which are to be held upon today

Will hold ours when our hairs will turn grey

This is the life’s cycle and I am sure you will love me and agree

After all, an apple doesn’t fall far from a tree.


“The Grass Is Always Greener On The Other Side Of The Fence”

The story involves two school friends, Ajay and Raghav. Story is narrated by Ajay.

“……and then I learned something from him that made me stopped dead on my tracks.”

Raghav and I were quite close to each other since our school days. While I was always an introvert, he used to be an ambivert.  We lived in Shimla, Himachal Pradesh and were together till class 12th after which he got selected in a reputed Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), New Delhi while I stayed back for another year there as I was unable to crack any competitive exams and then took admission in BSc chemistry . After his B. Tech., he got quite a handsome package in one of the leading construction companies and he shifted to Bangalore. I did my graduation, Post-graduation and Ph.D. and was now a Teacher in a college in New Delhi. Initially, we had a lot of phone calls between us but gradually with time as we got busy in our lives, our calls got restricted on special occasions only and now it’s rare that we talk. I remember last time talking to him was when he bought a new flat in Bangalore and got his family shifted with him. He had everything now what is needed to be called a successful person in life while I was still struggling to join my blocks and build life. I always thought that he got everything in life very easily, cracking IIT, job, huge salary, marrying the person he loved and as such a wonderful life with less efforts while here I was, though being more laborious and intelligent than him, a teacher in a not so good college, married the person of my mother’s choice and still struggling to buy a flat. Sometimes, I envy him for this. What is this life, why such an unbalanced distribution. It should be according to who deserves what and not be like one getting to travel in business class and the other thinking hundred times to even air travel.

So, it’s been 4 years since we talked the last time.

Today, I am in Shimla. I came here to attend my Father’s two years death anniversary a week ago and decided to stay back for a while. Two days back, I gave up my ego and inhibitions and thought to go and visit Raghav’s parents.

The house was locked from outside and looking at the outgrown hedges, it seemed no one had lived there since quite sometime now. Then I saw, “House on sale” board. I decided to enquire about it with one of his neighbors. I was shocked to learn that his mother passed away and his father being alone suffered mental health issues so he took him along with him to Bangalore. Coming back home, I picked up my phone, took a deep sigh, scrolled his name, Raghav and pressed the call button. The phone rang and after few rings I heard his voice. We started on a very formal note and then returned to being just Raghav and me. We talked so much, laughed and then I learned something from him that made me stopped dead on my tracks. In the past 4 years, my friend had lost his mother and his wife to an accident and is living with his father being challenged mentally. These past 4 years, I had no clue he would be going through all of this. I didn’t call him just so as I thought, “WHY ALWAYS Me?? While he must also be having this complain from God “WHY Me?? “

I regret leaving him at a time when he needed me the most. Now if I see, I have everything what a good life needs to be, a mother, a lovely wife, 2 beautiful children. Sad, I realized this after knowing my friend is longing for the wonders I have in my life.

“The grass always looks greener on the other side of the fence”

But in reality it’s greener where YOU water it.

Remember, “We can complain because rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses.” – Abraham Lincoln

And Today, I am elated as I am leaving for Bangalore to meet my very dear friend, Raghav.


Adieu: My Nest Of Many Firsts

(Everyone of us has a special bond with their first home after marriage. This is written after leaving it and shifting to a new one)

How not I’ll miss you

When my new life’s journey commenced with you

You welcomed me with utmost grace

While I was melancholic leaving my base

You are the only witness to my tears

You only know how much I was anxious and had fears

You share our laughter and joys

And now you were full of my little ones toys

You were there when we welcomed our heart

And gladly you lay bared for my nipper’s cart

You had been our moppet’s nest

And mind you, you were really the very best

Four years, seventeen days I owe so much to you dear

Leaving you sure I’ll be in tears

New faces will come and you’ll again enlighten

It’s just a while that you’ll frighten

Surely, you’ll wrap your new inhabitants around your cozy arms

And slowly you‘ll conform to their very charm

With time they’ll conquer your heart

And am sure you‘ll care no less to do your part

Happily my dear, bid us adieu

Pray for us that we don’t get blue

You go your own way, we‘ll go on our own

Sad we even can’t connect on any phone

May be sometime we‘ll come and stop by

Just to watch you from a distance and then fly

Years will roll down and your competitors will grow

But trust me my dear, your memoirs will always cleave and glow.


Us, Kaleidoscopes

We humans are kaleidoscopes

Some of us very arduous to cope

Light goes in and we show different patterns

But that surely depends on who’s with the lantern

The one with the most strong glitters

Seizes high appraise from the transmitter

And the one with few embellishments

Feels why am I getting this punishment

Then there is the one with no sequins or pearl

Who Secures almost darkness from the kaleidoscopic world

Emittance of pattern directly proportionates  to brightness of the donor

Not even realizing pastel may be a loner

In front of the world, we empathize

In reality, we don’t even sympathize

When the person is alive nobody cares

Then after, we barge in as if we were always there

Our lives today revolves only on interim tangible gains

Oh! You beloved, please reckon and ponder a bit to explore other’s pains.


How I Wish..

Come and enjoy with me a colorful reminiscence

How I wish…

Oh how I wish to turn back my life’s pages

And be a child

Sitting in my mother’s arm

Feeling every bit of coziness and calm

To do big blunders and go off easily

To cry as much and not be judged

Oh how I wish..

To fall off a dozen time

But always be on cloud nine

To eat like a horse

And not caring of course

To have that cute laughing Buddha belly

And still be called a strawberry jelly

Oh how I wish..

To hold my father’s hand

And go with him buying chocolates

To be yelled upon

But not giving it a damn

To not caring about penny

And be an albatross around the neck of your nanny

Oh how I wish..

To quarrel with my brothers

And get them scolded by my father

To befool my sister

And then be as cool as a cucumber

To read fairy tales

And feel like a princess

To play with Barbie all the time

Even if it was time to dine

Oh how I wish,

How I wish to turn back my life’s pages..

And roll down the memory lane

Be a small little unruly insane

Oh how I wish

To get to live yesterday once more.


Who am I??

Greetings everyone!!

First and foremost, thanks for stopping by.

Hope you are staying safe and taking every precautions to beat the Covid19 pandemic with much resilience.

Why have you received this exclusive invitation?

Because I wanted you to be a part of when I am starting my first blog and provide your blessings and criticisms with equal ease.

So, I invited you over and I must for that reason be a good host and keep you well entertained (fingers crossed 😉).

I may not be a barrel of laughs but will try to keep you lingered here every now and then with positive, emotional yet encouraging candid writings. Sporadically, you can also get to see me as a Culinarian.

“A mind forever voyaging through strange seas of thoughts, alone” – William Wordsworth

So yeah, this is me, always expressing my emotions through writing and it took me eons to start my blog and am elated to be in my element right now.

From where I got the kick start??

“When from our better selves we have too long

Been parted by the hurrying world and the droop,

Sick of its business, of its

Pleasure tired,

How gracious, how benign, is

Solitude” – William Wordsworth

So, after being home alone (not actually though, my husband and little son were there with me) disconnected from the outside world during this pandemic period for a whole lot of time, I saw myself through my own eyes (getting philosophical) and realized.. “I Can” and voila!

“Here I Am, this is me.. and nowhere else on earth I’d rather be” – Bryan Adams

(You can also hear me singing at times 🤪) And yeah, this is me.

If you are interested to accompany and sail through my dreamland, do subscribe and wish me luck.