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When I Am Gone

#poetry ….. And the wind will blow Sky shall bear iridescent glow The birds will croon The trees will sway But I would drift away Not sustaining the brunt of fate Like a candle in the wind Like a tender plant in heavy rains I would embrace the darkness and detach from the soil Blinded, […]


# poetry Even in the darkest hour With no light, strength and power I do hope for the best For life is nothing but a test I just sit and wait down For the brightest light in the town To make its way through the dark To enlighten me with a spark When people drifts […]


#poetry #haiku Fear is tacit Visible journey behind Veiled future ahead The beauty of life is not knowing what future holds for us. We peel off tomorrow layer by layer living the present of our future as we stroll through each day. For instance, If we would know we will not become successful we would […]

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