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… And the time comes when you have to depart Scintillating chords pervades your heart Pain drills in like a piercing dart To bottle up your Effervescent tears is truly an art Hues of yesteryears comes alive How ecstatically we all used to thrive Not foreknown about ensuing lives Living in that very moment used […]

Elixir of my Heart

#poem #mother Your always smiling face Is such full of grace Your fine wrinkles, which have started to appear They are the telltales of what all you have had to bear Your better half closed his eyes forever The most dreadful nightmare you could think of ever How you got that courage to bring him […]

Seasons of Change

#poetry I hear that song that we sang all summer long We sweltered but got so very well along That flavorful creamy ice And oh that joyous joy ride Just an axial tilt of the earth and my summer transformed The beautiful green leaves started to turn brown When you considered yourself wearing that invisible […]

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