Time Slithers By

#poetry Hold on for a while and catch a little breath Let your effervescence not restrained From getting entwined with the moment Do perceive and reflect As much as you can Soak the warmth of the sun Feel the texture of the sand Go lost in the colors of the sky The prized laughter of […]

Two Cardinals

#poetry Undulating, I flew through the air Prattling and absorbing the secrets of the breeze Contented and in compliance with the treaty of life Until I stumbled and went head over heels One fine day it was While Foraging I heard moans of despair My soft heart started melting As I saw a survivor of […]

Mystery Blogger Award 1st and 2nd

Mystery blogger award 1st: I am very much thankful to Astha for nominating me for this award, my very first nomination. I truly apologize for taking forever to post this, was just engaged with usual stuffs. Astha is a wonderful writer, her poems are just splendid. Do visit her blog; The Rules: Display the […]

What is this life??

#poetry #life What is this life Full of magic and hidden surprise Sometimes it gives you reason to smile And sometimes just to sit back and wonder why? What is this life Full of happiness to hold amid momentary gains Too many roads to travel and opportunities to unravel But which road to choose is […]


.. And the neurons stream like a fireball Soaring and captivating my whole mind A saturated ball of vapours Notwithstanding the load of unavowed chaos Rises to explode Droplets of a thousand emotions Swaying in the midst of my skull sky But thoughts warm enough condense And navigate my insight To form a cloud of […]

Gulab Jamun

#gulabjamun #indiansweet #foodblog Gulab Jamun is a very popular Indian sweet, mostly served during festivities, wedding occasions, other celebrations and also when one’s sweet tooth crave for something. ‘Gulab’ and ‘Jamun’ are hindi words translating to ‘Rose’ and ‘berry’ respectively. These are berry – sized balls made with milk-solid and dipped in sugar – rose […]

The Fall

#poetry #autumn Touch an autumn leaf fallen from a tree Scattered everywhere like a debris Mostly rough, they are crisp and brittle Fading away little by little From green to red to orange hues They lose their moisture and livelihood dues They are destined to fall For the tree to stand tall Autumn leaves, we […]

500+ Follows

Hey everyone!! Hope you all are in the best of your health, happy and safe in varied parts of this globe and staying strong each passing day during these tumultuous times. Very grateful for 500+ follows on my blog and thought to share my felicity with you all. My happiness may seem to you like […]

Chicken Nihari

#nihari #foodblog Nihari is one of the most relished and delightful dish of Old Delhi. The word “Nihari” comes from the Arabic work “Nahar” meaning morning. Historically, it is said that the dish was originally consumed by Nawabs in the Mughal Empire after their morning prayers. Its origin dates back to 17th  to 18th century. […]


#poetry #haiku #senryu Contented, benign Destitute yet heart to give  A human, really?? In our contemporary world, the lion’s share of us ‘people’ live by the principle of give and take. A rare sight it is to see someone not abiding this rule. Compassion is on the verge of extinction and lie embedded in books […]


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