What is this life??

#poetry #life

What is this life

Full of magic and hidden surprise

Sometimes it gives you reason to smile

And sometimes just to sit back and wonder why?

What is this life

Full of happiness to hold amid momentary gains

Too many roads to travel and opportunities to unravel

But which road to choose is the real game.

What is this life

Full of loved ones around you

Making you feel blessed and sane

Literally giving you a jibe when you start to succeed beyond their domains

What is this life

Testing your temperament at each step

Whether you will survive or go astray

Lucky you are, if you happen to realize

What is this life

Full of nature and beauty to admire

For some to accomplish a thousand desires

And for some to just repent what they lost and couldn’t acquire

What is this life

It’s anything but falsehood

It surely gives you wings to fly and leave a silver lining in the sky

Just take a deep breath, fasten your seatbelts and enjoy this ride THAT IS CALLED LIFE.

Thank you so very much for your time for reading and going through my post 😊.

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188 replies on “What is this life??”

That is so kind of you Gwen and those words of yours are so encouraging to me β€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈπŸ€— thank you so so much, truly means a lot coming from you, Gwen.
Love nd hugsπŸ€—πŸ€—β€οΈβ€οΈ Have a great week ahead 🌺🌼

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Life is full of everything if only we can realize it.
They say it’s B to D
But between B to D , C is there & C stands for Choice…


Excellently covers the different phases and surprises in the celebration called life.
Traverse through this voyage with full dedication and honesty and don’t let the obstacles block your way.

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“Life begins with youth (debut), having fun through venture and adventure (intermission),
and attaining goals on personal and professional levels (encore)!!!”

_-Van Prince

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I loved it… very well written… keep it up… I’ve followed you..I hope to see some more amazing stuff by you.. 😊 Please checkout my blog too… I hope you’ll have a good time reading them… lots of love.. 😊

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