You dig out a hole and plant this seed

Water it but it turns out to be a weed

Dominant it becomes as it grows large

Carrying preconceived notions in a barge

People will come, laugh and sit with you

Most of them stones and diamonds would be few

They tend to water this weed

But pity you, you pay no heed

You go beyond your lane

To entertain them, you even bear pain

Happily you do so, but

The weed keeps growing close and shut

When your turn comes to get acclaim

No one is there to shower you fame

For the weed you grew

You only will have to get it through

Expect from others and you get empty dishes

Expect from yourself to fulfill all your wishes.

As under the bridge of fake praises and assurances

There flows a river of selfish adherences.

Thank you so very much for your time for reading and going through my post 😊.

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44 replies on “EXPECTATIONS”

Yes, unconditional deed gives you satisfaction and less pain as your expectations are very less or nil.

Even nature gives you many many things and don’t expect anything in return.
Beware of false entertainment.

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Very rightful message.
Always have trust on your abilities and the faith in God to achieve what you long for without any dependence on anyone.
On the contrary, always be ready and willing to help if someone comes to you !!

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Thy blogs name is captivating actually. None can flow by thy ranch without giving in a sneak peek. 😊
Thanks so much for your comment. Being so skilled yourself, I am confident you must have really gotten into the insight of my poetry.
Thanks again for your time and I too love visitors who do visit after I visit them.

Best wishes!!πŸ’›

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Firstly, My pleasure to follow and discover new work and thanks for stopping by!

Secondly, I would like to thank you for appreciating my work. Means a lot. 😊
I actually try to detangle my cobweb of thoughts and present it in as simplified way as possible so that anybody and everybody can understand.
Best wishes
Thanks again

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