Wake Up

Wake up you oblivious

Get over your sleep

You were in your sweetest dream

And look where the world has had its leap

The birds singing for you

Are no longer yours

They found a new perch and bid you adieu

Your garden once abundant with flowers

Is on the verge of senescence

You didn’t watered them and they lost their vigor and power

Wake up you oblivious

The time is slipping by

Storms and tornadoes have passed

And you remained aloof hearing lullaby

Your boulevard stands empty today

Awaiting your dawn

Get Awake O beloved and keep your loneliness at bay

Your birds shall return

Your garden will bloom

You will get what all you have had yearn

Just get out of this oblivion


Wake up

Wake up to turn the tides and fight

Wake up to reclaim what was once yours

O beloved, this should be your awakening, get up with all your might.

21 replies on “Wake Up”

A warm wake up call.Yes we all have to wake up in our lives to improve each and every day.We have to be conscious about all happenings around us and to take care of our beloved ones! Thanks for waking up us.

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Nice wakeup call.
Wakeup with beautiful morning sunrise and chirping of birds that removes all your despair..sorrow and gives you new energies to live another day of hope in life.

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Highly motivational !!
Wake up to your abilities, realise your potential and shine across.
Wake up to staunch belief in you and conquer the world.
Don’t let the obstacles obliterate your journey…..Wake up to your sheer strength and achieve what you desire !!

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